The Islands: Images from Homer’s Odyssey (completed 2009)

for alto flute, viola, and guitar

I. Ogygia (Calypso's Island)
II. Ischia (Circe's Island)
III. Ithaca (Penelope's Island)

Islands (2009) Images from Homer’s Odyssey. The Island, the original title of the first movement of the current trio, was premiered in June, 2009. The trio was premiered in its entirety in February, 2010. Each movement is an image of the love between the peripatetic Odysseus and three of the women he encountered, a goddess, a witch, and a queen. The first is the goddess Calypso on her island of Ogygia where she recalls the era of her power and marks the eons of her immortality. The second is the witch Circe on her island, Ischia. Circe seeks to manipulate her lover with her dark magic, but is ultimately undone. The third encounter is Odysseus’ ultimate return home and a reunion with his queen, Penelope.

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